Who will be presenting…


Session 1: Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) and developed R&D


Joe Seisdedos – Principal, Wrays

Joe has 10 years experience at a major national firm of Patent Attorneys, primarily specialising in IT, business method and medical technologies with a background in nuclear physics, detector development and complex system simulation. Joe has a wide ranging experience in drafting and prosecuting patents, with a particular focus on the Australian and US markets. He has specialist country-specific knowledge in IT and business methods and lectures at two Australian universities on intellectual property and the drafting of patent specifications.


Session 2: Intellectual Property and Relevant Tax Consideration
(e.g. trusts, associated expenses, deferred franking issues etc.) 


Bill Charlton – Managing Director, UHY Haines Norton

Bill has been a partner at UHY Haines Norton for 25 years and became managing partner in 2006.
After many years in practice, his areas of expertise fall across a number of services. These include business advisory, tax consulting, litigation and valuations. He provides services to a wide range of SMEs from growing, medium-sized enterprises to small family-owned businesses. He is also fortunate enough to have a number of long-standing client relationships and hold a lot of value in them.


Session 3: Accessing the new R&D Tax Incentive safely 


Michael Oon – Tax Principal, Swanon Reed

Michael is a Tax Principal at Swanson Reed, specialist R&D Tax Advisory Firm. Michael provides R&D tax advice to companies undertaking R&D activities, with a view to maximising eligible tax offset entitlements. He has over 15 years experience in food manufacturing and technology.