$5 million research and development project in WA

August 7th, 2017

Western Australia will soon be home to a world class grains research and development hub to develop research in crop pathology and genetics. The research project was announced on Wednesday 3 August by the deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water, alongside West Australian Minister for Agriculture and Food.wheat-2349582_960_720

The project has received a $3 million Research and Development Corporation grant. $1.5 million was received by Murdoch University, $250,000 from Curtin University and $250,000 from the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

The funding will go directly towards the construction of infrastructure at Murdoch University and Curtin University sites for glasshouses and irrigated crop plots. The Glasshouses at Curtin University will be under strict quarantine, as they will be used for pathogen studies in partnership with the institution’s existing disease research facility.

The following R&D investment will provide a platform for research that will make a difference on a global scale in regards to improving crop productivity and disease resistance.

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