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    If your business has a research and development department, and you want to find out about the possibility of getting R&D tax incentives, then you’ve come to the right place. At Swanson Reed Specialist R&D Tax Advisors, we know everything there is to know about R&D tax breaks. We can help you assess your company’s eligibility, prepare your R&D tax incentive claim, ensure that you are meeting government compliance standards with your claim, and advise you in the case of an ATO or AusIndustry audit.

    Got Questions? Ask Swanson Reed Today!

    If you have been in business for a while, then you probably already know a bit about R&D tax legislation and about how R&D tax incentives work. If your company is currently preparing its first-ever R&D tax incentive claim, however, you might have a few questions about the process and how it all works.

    Swanson Reed is the right place to go for answers to those questions, too. In addition to having a team of some of the sharpest R&D tax advisors in Australia, we also operate an extensive ‘Knowledge Centre’ online. There, you can find resources on R&D tax ATO rulings, R&D tax AusIndustry decisions and R&D tax legislation.

    Each post in our Knowledge Centre includes a rundown of the court case or law in question and an R&D tax interpretation from one of Swanson Reed’s experts. These R&D tax interpretations can tell you what the far-reaching implications of ATO or AusIndustry court decisions might be, which can in turn help you to understand how R&D tax law is evolving over time. Reading through the AusIndustry decisions and ATO R&D tax rulings can also be useful to illustrate some of the dos and don’ts of R&D tax incentive claims.

    Learn More about R&D Tax Legislation or ATO and AusIndustry Rulings, in Swanson Reed’s Knowledge Centre

    So where should you look if you want to find Swanson Reed’s resources concerning R&D tax legislation, ATO court rulings or AusIndustry decisions? Find all of these resources in various categories of the Knowledge Centre, outlined below:

    • ATO Guidance and Materials: In addition to addressing numerous frequently asked questions concerning R&D tax incentives, this section also highlights recent R&D tax ATO rulings. Any guides, FAQs or other information released by the Australian Taxation Office will be posted here.

    • AusIndustry Guidance and Materials: News stories regarding AusIndustry, including AusIndustry R&D tax decisions, proposals, claim form changes and more will be documented in this section of the Knowledge Centre.

    • Legislation and Parliamentary Matters: If you are looking specifically for recent R&D tax legislation—including bill proposals, parliamentary votes, recently passed laws and other rulings—this section is the place to look. Each article also includes commentary and R&D tax interpretation from a Swanson Reed advisor.

    As you can see, there is a lot of information to gain from the Swanson Reed Knowledge Centre. However, if you have any more specific questions about R&D tax claims, the ATO, AusIndustry or any other relevant topics, do not hesitate to contact us directly. You can reach Swanson Reed, via telephone, on 1800 792 676.