AusIndustry Publish Redrafted Guide to Interpretation Document

November 9th, 2020

AusIndustry’s original Guide to Interpretation was published in January 2016, and has been considered the primary document for detailing how AusIndustry interprets key elements of the definition of ‘R&D activities’ as defined in the legislation.

Material from the Guide to Interpretation was often referred to be AusIndustry during compliance processes, and it detailed AusIndustry’s position on complex issues, such as:

  • Assessment of the purpose for which R&D Activities were undertaken;
  • The scope of activities that are specifically excluded from consideration as Core R&D Activities (including definitions of exploration, management studies, social sciences and humanities etc);
  • Assessment of whether software is being developed for the purpose of an entity’s internal administration;

As part of the new R&D Tax Incentive programme Integrity Framework announced by AusIndustry in late 2019, it was noted that the department would re-develop R&D Tax Incentive program guidance with the objective of better assisting businesses to help them get their Incentive registrations right.

AusIndustry had earlier in the year published drafts of the refreshed Guide to Interpretation document, and invited feedback via an online consultation hub.

The refreshed Guide to Interpretation is now available and published on the AusIndustry website, which is available here:

The new guide has had a graphical facelift, includes some clarified explanation of eligibility issues and new worked examples.

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