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    R&D Tax Consultants With Over 30 Years Consulting Experience

    Swanson Reed-Specialist R&D Tax Advisors have over 30 years of research and development experience. Swanson Reed-Specialists are boutique tax consultants that operate Australia-wide, bringing efficient, fun and high quality work anywhere in Australia. Claiming the R&D tax incentive doesn’t have to be an expensive and difficult process. The R&D tax consultants at Swanson Reed manage all facets of the R&D tax incentive program with professional ease and innovation.

    The full-service R&D tax consultants at Swanson Reed can assess your R&D incentive eligibility, prepare your claim and leverage advisory services, including claim and documentation assurance, ATO audit and AusIndustry review advisories. If you need an R&D tax consultant with the planning and technical expertise to ensure you get the incentive you deserve, call Swanson Reed at 1800 792 676 to talk to Australia’s best tax consultant.

    Efficient, High-Energy R&D Tax Consulting

    What distinguishes Swanson Reed from the rest of the field is their energetic, hardworking team. “Fun” is not a word you normally hear when it comes to taxes, but R&D tax consulting with Swanson Reed is truly an exceptional experience. We have so many years of specialisation, and so many years of innovation and talent, that we take care of all the most tedious work behind the scenes.

    Our relationship with our clients is founded on excellent communication and results. As specialists in the R&D tax incentive, we love what we do. We care about our clients and we want them to land the R&D claim. We wouldn’t be Australia’s largest and most trusted firm if we didn’t. A Swanson Reed tax consultant is naturally approachable and casually informal (except when it comes to legislative and ATO content, of course!). Leave the hard work to us, and you will be surprised how enjoyable R&D tax consulting can be.

    Australia’s Largest, Most Trusted R&D Tax Consultants

    Price, risk management and longevity. These three things form the ethical core of our tax consulting. At Swanson Reed, we care about price. We have the most competitive pricing in Australia, and when combined with our commitment to efficiency and innovation, our fees cannot be bested. We care about risk. We are proud to call ourselves one of the most conservative R&D tax providers in Australia.

    All of our claims undergo a six-eye review, meaning six separate tax advisors review them before they can be approved. All claims also undergo a technical review, for which we employ seasoned engineers and tax agents to iron out any technical wrinkles. Every single year we review our risk management policies and processes, refining them to be constantly adaptable to Australia’s constantly evolving tax policies. Finally, when it comes to longevity, we are here to stay. We are Australia’s largest specialist R&D firm. Our outlook is long-term, and we want to represent our clients indefinitely.