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Boosting Innovation in the Defence Industry

June 16th, 2017

Last year, the Australian government committed over $1 billion to new defence centres in an attempt to advance innovation and drive the Australian defence sector into the international market. $540 million will go towards next-generation technology and a Defence Innovation Hub will be part of a 10-year investment, which aims to nurture collaborative innovation and deliver Defence outcomes. Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne said, “We want to guarantee our national security and ensure that Australia can play its part protecting […]

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University of Queensland Secures $22.6 Million in Research Grant Funding

June 9th, 2017

The University of Queensland (UQ) has secured more research project funding than any other university from the Australian Research Council (ARC) grants. A total of $22.6 million was announced for 17 projects, including biotechnology, cultural history, quantum systems, antibiotic resistance and ecological impacts of cattle production. UQ ranked second for total funding. 14 new Future Fellowships were awarded to researchers, with UQ securing $12.1 million out of $77 million in ARC Future Fellowships funding. The projects span broad areas of […]

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Cairns Could Become Australia’s Innovation Capital

May 30th, 2017

James Cook University is expanding towards the city centre with the development of a tropical innovation hub. The Cairns Innovation Centre (CIC) project will consist of a $40 million Innovation Lodge, a $50 million Tropical Enterprise Centre and a $33 million Tropical Sports Conditioning Centre. To help drive collaborations in health and education, it will be placed close to Cairns Hospital and Cairns State High School. While capital cities are known as knowledge economies, they are expensive places to live. […]

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Uncertainties Resulting from 457 Visa Changes

May 29th, 2017

Changes to the 457 skilled migration visas are having alarming consequences, with scientists from abroad turning down top positions in the Australian medical research sector. At least six institutes have had job offers rejected following the changes. Other sectors experiencing major issues include companies who recruit international workers for the engineering, IT, finance and education sectors. In April, the federal budget announced that 457 visas would be replaced with a new TSS temporary visa from March 2018. For 457 visas […]

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