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Universities and the Start-up Economy

May 4th, 2017

There are more university graduates than ever and it turns out that they are driving Australia’s start-up economy.  A project between Universities Australia and Startup Muster found that 84% of Australian start-up founders have degrees. Many universities have restructured their courses to provide the next generation of graduates with the knowledge and resources to found their own businesses. It is becoming increasingly common for students to take courses in entrepreneurship and then develop a start-up business in conjunction with a […]

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Biotech Industry Wary of Proposed Changes to R&D Tax Incentive

May 2nd, 2017

The Australian biotech industry has concerns about an overhaul of the R&D tax incentive scheme, which could involve eligibility restrictions and cuts. The government has proposed capping R&D tax refunds at $2 million, which could be realised in this month’s federal budget. The uncertainty has already impacted the sector, with both Australian and international companies reconsidering doing clinical trials here. As Chris Nave, managing director of Brandon Capital Partners commented, “$2 million isn’t worth the cost of setting up an […]

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Major Challenges for Australian Innovation

May 1st, 2017

Innovation is as important as ever, especially for traditional industries. While Australia already has world-class sectors and companies, it is necessary for us to encourage the next generation of great companies. In 2015, Australia was labelled a ‘stall out’ country by Harvard Business Review, meaning a country that evolved quickly in the past but has now stalled and is slowly receding. We have fallen behind other nations in areas like data analysis. To address this, Bill Ferris, Chair of Innovation and […]

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ANU Poll Reveals Attitudes to Business, Science and Innovation

April 27th, 2017

A poll of 1,202 people by the Australian National University (ANU) found that the majority of Australians strongly value science and innovation. The survey conducted by the ANU Social Research Centre found that Australians understood the importance of research for Australia’s future even if they didn’t feel confident when it came to adapting to technological change themselves. 45% of respondents believed that technological change occurs too quickly to keep up with, with only 12% strongly agreeing that they can keep […]

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