R&D Tax Funding Strategies

$280M Funding Announced for Round 2 of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative

December 9th, 2021

The Government has today announced $280 million in funding available through Round 2 of the Integration and Translation Streams of the $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI).    Applications will soon open for businesses in the six National Manufacturing Priority Areas: Space; Medical Products; Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing; Food and Beverage; Recycling and Clean Energy and  Defence.  Applications will open in two tranches, starting 13 December 2021. Read our blog about the different opportunities for funding in R&D […]

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Direct Incentives are Needed to Improve Australia’s Research Commercialisation, and the Post-Covid Economy

April 19th, 2021

The black box flight recorder, Polymer bank notes, Wi-Fi technology and cochlear implants – they’re all Australian inventions. To keep these developments coming, and improve our research and innovation, we need direct investment through university innovation and small business incentives. Right now, Australia’s indirect incentives – specifically the R&D Tax Incentive – are providing 86% of our business research support. While that’s an impressive number, the R&D Tax Incentive offers money back, meaning small businesses could miss out if they […]

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Neutral Tax Policies Might Provide More Supportive Environments for Innovation than R&D and Patent Tax Incentives

April 19th, 2021

R&D Tax Incentives, like we have in Australia, are intended to drive innovation, and thus productivity and value in the global economy. By reducing the tax costs of those investments, policymakers believe that companies have an added reason to take risks to perform innovation that they may not typically take. However, not every country has tax tools used to incentivize spending on R&D and develop patented innovations, and of those that do, not all are the same. A recent Tax […]

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Opposition Policy on R&D Tax Incentive

January 17th, 2019

With a federal election due over the coming months, the opposition labor party have made some announcements with respect to their policy on the R&D Tax incentive. The original R&D tax incentive legislation was enacted whilst the labor was in power. Labor have committed to maintain the R&D tax incentive as the primary lever to induce business R&D. Labor have indicated they would look to incorporate the collaboration premium within the R&D tax incentive for expenditure on activities undertaken in […]

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