Australian & Chinese Companies Partner for Renewable Energy

December 5th, 2016

CSIRO Partners with Thermal Focus

Chinese company Thermal Focus has sought out one of Australia’s leading solar heliostat technology names, CSIRO, to partner for the purpose of increasing the use of renewable energy within the country. This followed China’s announcement to achieve production of 1.4 GW of CTS by 2018 and 5GW by 2020. These targets would double the worldwide number of installed CST plants.

The established partnership will enable Thermal Focus to, “manufacture, market, sell and install CSIRO’s patented low cost heliostats, field control software and design software in China, with a shared revenue stream back to Australia to fund further climate mitigation research.” Chief executive, Dr Larry Marshall, of CSIRO Energy has voiced that he is happy with the outcome of the company’s innovation enabling not only a partnership with Thermal Focus, but the opportunity to support Australia’s mitigation research and development.

Dr Marshall relayed this sentiment by saying, “This is another great example of all four pillars of our Strategy 2020 in action; using excellent science to deliver breakthrough innovation, and through global collaboration, increasing renewable energy deliverables.”

“Through this collaboration and our continued solar research, we will be helping to generate cleaner energy, cost savings and technology export benefits for Australia; all lowering global greenhouse gas emissions.”


Innovation & Research

The process utilises a field of computer controlled mirrors which reflect sunlight to a receiver tower. The heat from the receiver maintains the temperature of molten salt which produces high temperature steam powering a turbine, which in turn generates electricity. CSIRO innovated the process to increase production by decreasing the panel size allowing a more controlled direction of panels to the source through processes of research, testing and development.

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