InnovationCAFE 2016: Exploring the Transition From a Mining-Led Economy

July 19th, 2016

Immerse yourself in a full day of innovation with presentations from local experts at the 2016 innovationCAFE event. Taking place in four cities across Australia and covering business-related areas of innovation, Swanson Reed is pleased to once again be part of this event.

Undeniably, the Australian economic and political environment has pivoted greatly over the last twelve months. In the transition from a mining-led economy to one which is increasingly driven by technology, Australia’s voyage to be more innovative has led to significant changes in the public discourse. Therefore, InnovationCAFE provides not only a networking opportunity with like-minded connections but also provides a vital prospect to stay ahead of one of the fastest growing trends in 2016 – innovation.

In particular, gain insight into three interrelated pillars that will assist Australia’s transition to an innovation-led economy. The three pillars to be explored are:

Productivity: Gain insight into university collaboration, balancing access to ideas and products and innovation-led growth and investment.

Innovation Culture: Find out the role culture plays in developing innovation and talent development (from as early as high school).

Commercialisation: Discover how to move an idea to a business and avoid the ‘valley of death’.

Each session will be presented by leaders in their field and outline their personal experiences regarding issues, examples and opportunities relevant to each pillar.

Other benefits include:

• Learn from practical industry leaders about the immediate challenges facing Australia;

• Take part in an interactive conversation with those leaders;

• Be given the opportunity to develop solutions to these challenges over breakfast and barista made coffee;

• Be given the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals;

• Be part of formulating ideas that will form the basis of our paper to be submitted to Government.

To discover more about the event and to purchase tickets, please see the event invite



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