Process for Setting Up MyGovID and Authorisation for New AusIndustry R&D Tax Portal

June 14th, 2021

AusIndustry have changed their reporting processes whereby they are mandating the use of a new online form for FY21 onwards.

As part of this, directors of companies using R&D tax advisors to register activities must set up a MyGovID account (or use an existing MyGovID) and link this MyGovID to their R&D-registering company, then link to their R&D tax advisor.

Instructions for this process to link Swanson Reed to your company are as follows:

  • Step One: Ensure that the R&D-registering company’s principal individual authority (usually the company director of the R&D entity) has set up a personal MyGovID profile: which requires:
    • a smart device;
    • an email address;
    • verification documents (may include driver license, passport, birth certificate or Medicare card).
  • Step Two: Link the principal individual authority’s MyGovID account to the R&D-registering company:
      • phone 1300 287 539 and select option 3;
      • you will need to provide personal details to complete a proof of identity check;
      • checks will be completed to confirm your association to the business;
      • once confirmed, you will receive an email with an authorisation code and summary of the authorisation request.
  • Step Three: Link Swanson Reed to the R&D-registering company:
    • Log in to the R&D Tax Incentive Customer Portal using the principal individual authority’s MyGovID account;
    • Click the ‘Manage access’ option on the ‘Manage your applications’ dashboard;
    • Click ‘Add new authorisation’ on the ‘Manage access’ screen, under the ‘Business authorisations’ heading;
    • Enter the ABN for Swanson Reed (SR Tax Services Pty Ltd: ABN: 72 137 072 701);
    • Select ‘Tax professional’ as the relationship;
    • Enter the start date as of today, and the end date to be some time in the future after your estimated period of R&D claims (eg 30 June 2023);
    • Click ‘Add authorisation’.

Please contact us if you have you any questions.

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