Documentation Management Consulting

Recent AAT decisions have highlighted the importance for adequate documentation of an R&D claim.

Too much documentation and the R&D claim may yield a non-commercial result.  Too little and the R&D claim may be disallowed fully.

Swanson Reed’s technical team of engineers and scientists are expertly trained to commercially assess the eligibility of your R&D projects and their substantiation requirements and then work closely with you to scope them fully. Our engineers will capture the essence of your innovative ideas and R&D experiments in a format that meets legislative requirements.  Our technical team will scope and write your R&D plans with minimal disruption to you and your staff, leaving you with more time to fulfill your daily work routine.


How we can help?

Swanson Reed staff are trained to take a contemporaneous and prospective view when documenting an R&D claim.

We can assist you with the following:

  • design a ‘best practice’ document management system aimed to be useful in your business environment
  • prepare documentation required to formulate and execute experimental activities.
  • quickly understand your accounting and project management  systems and provide guidance on improvements
  • prospectively work with you ‘on site’ to contemporaneously document projects for the purposes of meeting the requirements of the R&D tax incentive
  • Assist with R&D plan writing, or preparation of R&D documentation for project manager signoff
  • TaxTrex online software implementation

All Swanson Reed staff are trained to be extremely stringent with the quality of R&D plans either produced or reviewed. In order to meet the QA and risk management requirements of our firm, each project plan (along with its substantiation) must first undergo a technical review, and then signed off by a qualified engineer who is also a registered R&D tax agent. This is followed by a six-eye costing review managed by our Chartered Accountants to ensure the highest possible quality for your claim.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality assurance, Swanson Reed is independently certified to the ISO31000:2009 Risk Management Standard.  


Do you have enough documentation?

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Industry Specific Audit Issues

AusIndustry undertakes periodic reviews of R&D activities and the documentation used to substantiate those activities.  The below industry specific checklists contain some of the information AusIndustry may review or request in the event an activity assessment is undertaken.

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