Publication of Claimant Data under R&D Tax Amendments

August 2nd, 2021

Under the legislative amendments to the R&D tax legislation passed in 2020, a new administration measure was enacted relating to the publication of claimant data.
The intention of the change was to enhance the transparency of the R&D tax incentive, and align it with other programmes where details of recipients of public support are noted in the public domain.
An indication has recently been provided of how this will work in practice, and this is in accordance with the passed law. We understand that:
  • Responsibility for publication of claimant data will be with the ATO;
  • The first year of claim data to be published will be for claims made for financial years commencing 1 July 2021 (FY22);
  • The ATO will publish details within 2 years following the end of this period (ie first data published not likely to be until 2024);
  • The details to be published will not entail disclosure of intellectual property or technical information, and will note:
    • Name of R&D entity;
    • ABN;
    • Amount of R&D expenditure claimed, net of feedstock adjustment.

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