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    R&D Consultants in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne For All Industries

    Swanson Reed-Specialist R&D Tax Advisors are one of Australia’s largest and most trusted firms, with over 30 years of experience and R&D consultants in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Swanson Reed differs from other tax firms in that we are truly specialists. We are not general accountants who dabble in R&D.

    We deal exclusively with the R&D tax incentive and we have a diverse technical team with expertise in all industries: farming, technology, manufacturing, etc. Swanson Reed’s R&D consultants in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are efficient and fun, taking care of meticulous duties behind the scenes and working with you to assess and prepare the best possible R&D claim.

    Swanson Reed-Specialist R&D Consultants In Sydney, Melbourne And Brisbane

    Swanson Reed’s diverse technical team of R&D consultants in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane possess the most up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of industry requirements. As R&D specialists, we offer and understand things other general tax firms don’t, such as documentation management consulting. Why is this important? Due to recent AAT decisions, filing adequate and correct documentation has become more vital than ever. Claims that have too much documentation actually risk being rewarded with a non-commercial decision. Claims with too little documentation risk a more obvious decision: ruled as fully disallowed.

    Swanson Reed’s technical team of R&D consultants in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are specifically trained in assessing the R&D eligibility of your projects. This includes realistic outlooks on available documentation and building a claim. Our R&D consultants are seasoned professionals at taking your advanced R&D ideas and projects and articulating them in an efficient claim that complies with formal legislation.

    Full-Service R&D Consultants In Brisbane And Sydney

    Our R&D consultants in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne understand how important it is that your business is disrupted as little as possible during the filing process. Swanson Reed’s technical team can investigate and write R&D plans without becoming a burden to the regular operation of your business. We manage this while also bringing with us our revolutionary approach to the R&D tax incentive.

    We have a number of services that not only work toward making the best possible claim, but that help prepare you for the future. This includes assisting you in refining your document management so that is it both simpler and more efficient; managing the documentation for the most experimental and abstract experiments; integrating accounting with project management; providing feedback and assistance on R&D proposal writing and preparation; and even working with you directly on-site to document current projects in a manner that complies with the R&D tax incentive.

    All of our R&D consultants in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney are rigorously trained and conservatively minded when it comes to the R&D incentive. This conservatism is a testament to our commitment to protecting your privacy and minimising your risk exposure. Swanson Reed R&D consultants are comfortable meeting the most stringent requirements. Each project plan and all of its documentation and materials is subjected to a technical review and must be signed off by one of our engineers who specialises in your industry. We then perform a thorough six-eye review, ensuring absolute accuracy, quality and compliance for your claim.