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    Knowledge is power. You’re feeling less than powerful, however, in the wake of your R & D Tax Incentive claim. You understand the purpose of the law, but its many requirements and eligibility standards leave you confused.

    Swanson Reed provides the clarity you deserve. Our team of R and D Tax Incentive experts connects you with the information you need, helping you better navigate the regulations created by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and AusIndustry. Let us examine your claim and determine its eligibility.

    Swanson Reed: About Us

    For over thirty years, Swanson Reed has served as the leading specialists in R&D Tax Incentives. Our experts – located throughout Australia, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Hobart – deliver qualified consultations on claim preparations, audit advisories, and documentation assurances. They also help each company understand eligibility guidelines.

    Want to know if this incentive applies to you? Contact Swanson Reed today! We’ll help you navigate every ATO requirement to create the best claim possible.

    R&D Tax Incentive Eligibility

    Before launching an R and D Tax Incentive claim, you must first understand whether this law applies to your company. According to the ATO, eligible entities are those who are:

    • Incorporated under an Australian law.
    • Incorporated under a foreign law but serve as an Australian resident for income purposes.
    • Incorporated under a foreign law and are a resident of a country that shares a double-tax agreement with Australia (including ‘permanent establishment’) or a company that performs business duties in Australia as a result of a double-tax agreement.

    Still confused? Don’t fret. Swanson Reed recognises the need for further R & D Tax Incentive explanations, which is why we provide each client with the tools they need to simplify the claims process.

    Our Eligibility Assessments

    To illuminate the R&D Tax Incentive process, Swanson Reed now offers our clients the Eligibility Wizard. This free test allows individuals to determine their claims status quickly, using a series of simple questions to assess each situation. These questions address issues of:

    • Technological Rights.
    • Statutory Spec Requirements.
    • Technical Objectives.
    • Improvement Processes.
    • Company Structures.
    • … and more.

    Submit your answers to connect with a Swanson Reed consultant today!

    Our Services

    Should you prove eligible for the R & D Tax Incentive, Swanson Reed will then help you file your claim. Trust in our specialised team members, each boasting an innate understanding of research, development, and ATO requirements. They’ll prepare your information to the highest ISO31000:2009 Risk Management standards, and both a qualified engineer and a tax agent will oversee every technical review demand.

    Rely on us for:

    • Assessments
    • Preparations
    • Assurances
    • Advisories
    • Documentation Managements
    • … and more.

    Discover Your R and D Tax Incentive Eligibility – Contact Swanson Reed Today!

    As the premier experts in R&D claims, Swanson Reed promises quality results, competitive prices, and conservative services. Let us provide you with the information and support, you need. To learn more contact us today on 1-800-792-676.