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    The financial world changed in 2011. An unexpected partnership between the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and AusIndustry left corporations (and their CEOs) reeling. This partnership demanded a new series of codes, regulations, and federal compliances – and it turned its attention to the Research and Development Tax Incentive.

    Manufacturers and entrepreneurs were understandably horrified by this development, fearing that a new R&D interpretation would leave them scrambling for refunds. Swanson Reed assures each client, however, that this fear is as unfounded as it is unnecessary.

    Swanson Reed: About Us

    For more than 30 years, Swanson Reed has served as the premier provider of Research & Development Tax Incentive support. Our team – composed of speciality advisers and consultants – understands the nuances of this new law. They deliver superior service to every client, having mastered industry and ATO standards; and they promote exclusive R&D services, rather than general accounting.

    This proves essential for those baffled by the new Research and Development Tax Incentive. Let us connect you with the information you need and the service you deserve. Contact Swanson Reed today to begin!

    What is the Research & Development Tax Incentive?

    When the ATO first announced changes to its R&D interpretation, many corporations had nightmares of lost income and ineligible deductions. However, the truth is far more kind, with this law offering industry-centric benefits.

    According to the ATO, those engaged in Research and Development activities may receive:

    A 43.5% refundable tax offset (equivalent to a 150% deduction) for entities with an aggregated turnover of less than $20 million per annum.

    Exception: Those not controlled by income tax exempt entities.

    A 38.5% non-refundable tax offset (equivalent to 133% deduction) for all other eligible entities.

    Amendment: Entities may qualify to carry forward unused offset amounts to future income years.

    Through this new Research & Development Tax Incentive, companies receive greater offsets, allowing them to redefine their business models and funnel more of their profits into the economy. This ensures increased productivity and eliminates complicated codes.

    Swanson Reed: Our R&D Interpretation Services

    Understanding the Research and Development Incentive isn’t the final step in mastering addendums, amendments, and exceptions. It’s the first – and the remaining journey proves long for those who walk it alone.

    *Let Swanson Reed come along! We specialise in R&D, connecting customers to premium services: *

    • Eligibility Assessments
    • Claims Preparations
    • Claim and Documentation Assurances
    • ATO Audits
    • AusIndustry Review Advisories
    • … and more.

    Our qualified team examines every claim with the greatest of care, adhering to ISO31000:2009 Risk Management standards and striving toward customer satisfaction. We ensure that every company masters the R&D process.

    Searching for Research and Development Tax Incentive Support? Contact Swanson Reed!

    Swanson Reed is the leading provider of R&D aid. To start the process, contact us today by phone (1-800-792-676) or by submitting an online enquiry. One of our team members will happily answer your questions.