Research and Development in SA taken to new level

February 6th, 2018

The Grain Research and Development (R&D) Corporation (GRDC) has announced a major contribution to the establishment of facilities at the South Australian R&D Institute’s (SARDI) new Clare Research Centre.

SARDI has received a $270,000 R&D Infrastructure Grant to build a controlled environment growth room at the new research centre. In addition to this grant PIRSA-SARDI has also contributed $30,000 to the controlled environment growth room project.

The following R&D grant is part of the $15 million funding which the GRDC Board has agreed to invest. It is hoped that by providing such funding the research capacity and capabilities in Australian grains R&D will be significantly boosted and an enduring profitability for grain growers will be created.

The state-of-the-art controlled environment growth rooms will be an important facility at the new research site and the SA Government’s support of this shows its commitment to grains R&D five-year $50 million strategic partnership with GRDC and PIRSA-SARDI.

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