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    Tax Consultants For Australia’s Research & Development Consulting

    How did Swanson Reed Specialist R&D Tax Advisors become Australia’s largest and most trusted R&D experts? By caring about our clients. It might sound overly simple, but Swanson Reed recognises that every client is a wonderful opportunity to build a relationship, win support and delight people with our incredible specialised services. By caring about our clients, we have shared our prosperity with Australia for more than 30 years. We don’t just want to help you file a claim through a tax consultant. We want to do everything in our considerable power to help you win the R&D tax incentive for your company or organization.

    The Best Client Care in Research & Development Tax Consulting

    Our research & development tax consultants are specialists. This means that we only focus on one thing: R&D. We know it inside and out, and we are constantly refining our policies to make the most of new legislation and risk management. A research & development tax consultant from Swanson Reed can give you the most comprehensive and enjoyable R&D experience possible. We take care of all the meticulous work behind the scenes, leaving our relationship with you free to focus on the bigger picture. How can we help you be better prepared to quality? How can we advise you and your staff on best practices? How can we protect you from risk and audit procedures?

    Your research & development tax consultant at Swanson Reed can answer all of these questions with ease and clarity. And did we mention our rates? Our fees are the most competitive in the market. When you combine this with our love of efficiency, our dedication to innovation, our obsession with planning and strategy, and our mastery of technical expertise, we are easily the most affordable and comprehensive tax consulting firm in Australia. When it comes to research & development tax consulting, Swanson Reed-Specialists is the most streamlined team in Australia.

    Research & Development Tax Consulting: Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

    Your success in claiming the R&D incentive is our incentive to do everything in our power to make that happen. One of the services we are most proud of is our training and development program. In the past 30 years, we learned that companies that understand the benefits of the R&D tax incentive the best are often the most likely to claim it. Our research & development tax consultants can train your team to better understand the R&D incentive. For example, take a look at the new R&D tax incentive regime and the key identifiers for eligibility. Our tax consultants will use case studies from successes in your industry to help educate your staff on the best practices for gaining eligibility.

    We will work with you actively identify and manage your R&D projects as they develop. We will help you understand which expenditures can and cannot be claimed, as well as all of the evidence required to support these claims. At the end of the day, Swanson Reed is your research & development tax consulting specialists who serve you in leveraging the commercial and potential benefits that exist to your company.