University of Queensland Secures $22.6 Million in Research Grant Funding

June 9th, 2017


The University of Queensland (UQ) has secured more research project funding than any other university from the Australian Research Council (ARC) grants. A total of $22.6 million was announced for 17 projects, including biotechnology, cultural history, quantum systems, antibiotic resistance and ecological impacts of cattle production. UQ ranked second for total funding.

14 new Future Fellowships were awarded to researchers, with UQ securing $12.1 million out of $77 million in ARC Future Fellowships funding. The projects span broad areas of research with five Fellowships going to non-science disciplines. Projects include investigating the prevention of terrorism, exploring how aging affects social cognitive skills and understanding the formation and consumption of methane and the contribution of microorganisms to the global carbon cycle.

Further to that, $4.3 million in grants were recently awarded for Australian Research Council Linkage Projects, which will support 12 UQ programs that aim to provide practical solutions to industry problems. The Linkage Project scheme promotes collaboration on internationally competitive research projects between industry, government, business, educational institutions and end-users. It supports R&D projects involving risk or innovation and acquiring new knowledge, with the R&D used as a foundation for eventually commercialising the research. Government funding for each Linkage Project is matched or exceeded by industry partner contributions.

Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Peter Høj stated that the results highlight UQ as the destination of choice and recognise that UQ’s research is creating positive change for business and industry. “It’s immensely satisfying to know that UQ research is hitting the nail on the head in providing relevant and valuable knowledge and expertise to industry,” he said.

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