Training and Development

Internal R&D tax technical staff training

We facilitate nationwide workshops and seminars that include:

  • Identification of eligibility for your company’s projects under the new R&D tax incentive regime;
  • Education on the types of activities that are eligible for the incentives, using case studies from successes in your industry;
  • How we will work with you to proactively identify and track R&D projects going forward;
  • What expenditure can be claimed;
  • What substantiation is required to support each claim; and
  • The commerciality, confidentiality and the potential benefit to your company.

Swanson Reed will provide technical update sessions to your staff on the new changes to the R&D tax incentive including a range of R&D issues that may arise during the R&D engagement process. Our experience has shown that an important way to maximise an R&D return is to increase staff awareness of the benefits of claiming the R&D tax incentive for your company.


Swanson Reed is a proud sponsor of the annual innovationCAFE series.

What is innovationCAFE?

If Australia is to be a sustainable innovation led economy three interrelated pillars need to be aligned:

  • Productivity
  • Commercialisation
  • Innovation Culture

innovationCAFE is a two-and-a-half-hour event in each capital city that aims to explore the importance of these pillars and their place in a prosperous future Australia.

Innovation is crucial to the success of every business. With continuous changes to government policies, legislation and an ever changing economy, it is crucial, now more than ever, that Australian businesses have a plan for sustainable strategic business development and an innovative approach to staying ahead of the game.

To learn more or register for the next innovationCAFE series click here.