R&D Tax Refund Financing

In our uncertain economy, companies conducting R&D are often subject to capital constraints and cash flow challenges.

Several financial institutions are now offering companies the ability to finance their future R&D Tax Offset entitlements which can enable claimants to:

  • place additional resources into their R&D activities;
  • advance development or commercialisation plans;
  • provide greater clarity on the timing of R&D entitlements; and
  • suspend or evade the need for capital raising.

As with any financing decision, a company must carefully consider whether the terms, charges and interest rates of an offering meet their specific needs.

Swanson Reed does not provide finance for R&D Tax Offsets as part of our business operations. We are affiliated with dedicated providers of finance (which are unrelated businesses of Swanson Reed) and we can refer you to these business who would provide independent finance subject to their approval processes.

Such providers of finance will require that the claim has been independently reviewed.

Swanson Reed receives absolutely NO financial incentive or commission from our clients’ financing of R&D Entitlements. This independence means we are best placed to refer only the most suitable finance professionals for our clients’ particular needs.

How can we help?

With offices nationwide, Swanson Reed manages all facets of the R&D tax incentive claim preparation process including:

  • assistance with the identification of eligible R&D activities to be included in the claim
  • assistance with the technical scoping of these projects
  • preparation/update of R&D substantiation documentation
  • collation of eligible R&D expenditure for inclusion within R&D Tax Schedule and R&D Applications
  • preparation and lodgement of the Application for Registration of R&D Activities
  • calculation of the 38.5% non-refundable/43.5% refundable Tax Offset attributable to the R&D activities
  • preparation and finalisation of the R&D Tax Schedule
  • provision of a claim summary letter
  • advice relating to an AusIndustry review or ATO audit

Once the R&D claim has been prepared and documented, an eligible company completes an application process with a finance professional to receive a prepayment against R&D tax entitlements.

Once assessed and approved, the prepayment funding service enables R&D companies to attain a portion of their R&D tax entitlement early. The financial institution receives the R&D Tax Offset directly from the ATO to apply against the financed amount.

Funding Criteria

  • eligible R&D activities OR positive “Advanced Finding” ruling from Innovation Australia;
  • no bank or other borrowing facilities requiring a PPSR registration;
  • good compliance history with AusIndustry and ATO;
  • good record keeping and contemporaneous accounting reports readily available for the relevant period; and
  • R&D claim preparation, lodgement and assessment by Swanson Reed.

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