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    Australia’s Largest Specialist R and D Consultant, Swanson Reed Has Over 30 Years’ Experience In Consulting And Is The Consultant To Turn To For The R&D Incentive

    Businesses around Australia can take advantage of the R&D tax incentive if they qualify. Swanson Reed of Brisbane is the leading R and D consultant in Australia and has been helping firms across the nation determine if they can make a claim for over 30 years now. The firm specialises only in R&D tax claims unlike many other accounting firms across Australia. By specialising, Swanson Reed has become the country’s expert and largest such consultant, assisting thousands of businesses each year.

    Quality Technical Expertise From Australia’s Leading R And D Consultants

    The R and D tax incentive in Australia is a program that was started to help businesses offset some of the costs of doing research and development. Firms are able to innovate more by claiming the tax incentive, which pays for some, if not all, of the costs of doing so. Businesses of any s, in any industry are allowed to apply. The incentive provides a generous amount of support so that businesses can continually develop new ideas.

    Swanson Reed provides consulting to businesses and helps them take the R&D tax incentive. Firms must first determine if they are eligible. Swanson Reed, with its years of experience, has developed a checklist that businesses can use as a guideline to determine if they may be eligible or not. If a business meets the requirements, Swanson Reed can then help a firm prepare to make a claim.

    In order to qualify, a business must have all of the appropriate information and documentation. Swanson Reed provides the necessary R and D consulting that will help a business gather all of this information in order to substantiate an R&D tax claim. Because of its years of experience, Swanson Reed has developed audit checklists, which help firms in the collection of documentation. The company has developed checklists for a variety of industries, as different industries require different documentation and information.

    Why Choose Swanson Reed?

    Determining whether or not a company qualifies for the R and D tax incentive is a task by itself. The consultants at Swanson Reed deal only with such claims every day. The professionals at the company can determine eligibility and help in the preparation of all the documentation necessary to complete the claim.

    When a claim is prepared, it must undergo a six-eye review. Claims are also subject to a technical review, which involves a qualified engineer and a tax agent. Swanson Reed reviews its risk management and tax risk policies each and every year to ensure that its clients receive the highest quality of service in the industry.

    Swanson Reed is distinctly different that other accounting firms, especially the “Big 4.” They offer high quality, expert services at some of the most competitive prices in the market. They care about risk as well and are known as one of the most conservative R&D tax incentive companies in the market. Clients also take comfort in knowing that the firm is not going anywhere. Swanson Reed has been serving Australia for over three decades. The company is, and will continue to be, Australia’s largest R&D tax provider.