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    Is your company thinking about claiming R&D tax exemptions for the current tax year? If so, Swanson Reed can help. We are a firm of specialist R&D tax advisors with offices nationwide, and our seasoned experts can help you with every step of the R&D tax break process. From assessing your R&D tax credit eligibility to helping you prepare your R&D tax credit claim, all the way to advising you on how to ace the audit, Swanson Reed provides a turnkey R&D tax solution.

    If you think your business might be able to claim R&D tax exemptions, but aren’t sure how the system works or where to start in preparing your claim, Swanson Reed can help with that. Over the years, we have assembled a number of invaluable resources to help our clients (or pre-clients, as they often are) better understand R&D tax exemptions. These resources are catalogued in the ‘Knowledge Centre’ on our website, where you can browse R&D case studies and review R&D court decisions and outcomes.

    The Swanson Reed Knowledge Centre: What’s There?

    To start browsing Swanson Reed’s library of R&D case law resources, first start by visiting our site at www.swansonreed.com.au. The Knowledge Centre is one of the tabs at the top of the page but is itself split into numerous categories. Read on to learn more about how key parts of the Knowledge Centre are organised, and about how you can use these resources to find the information you need.

    • Case Law: Swanson Reed’s collection of R&D case law articles and R&D court outcomes is a near-comprehensive review of R&D court decisions that have occurred in Australia as of late. The page is laid out like a blog site, with different ‘news posts’ highlighting different Australian R&D court cases and their outcomes. Companies might use these resources to learn more about their R&D tax credit eligibility, or to see how different happenings in the courtroom can lead to the evolution of R&D case law.

    • Case Studies: A detailed collection of R&D case studies, split up by industry. The experts at Swanson Reed have reviewed the industries in which R&D tax exemptions are most often claimed (agriculture, oil and gas, transportation, engineering, etc.) and created detailed R&D case studies about how companies in those industries might go about claiming R&D tax credits. If your industry is on the list, you can use these case studies as a template to help you prepare your claim and have a successful audit.

    Contact Swanson Reed to Learn More about R&D Case Law

    If you’ve read through our Knowledge Centre and are interested in learning more about R&D case law or pursuing an R&D tax exemption, feel free to contact Swanson Reed directly to take the next step! We have six offices nationwide, and the individual contact information for each can be found on our website at http://www.swansonreed.com.au/contact. Otherwise, you can reach us at our general phone number, which is 1800 792 676.