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    Claim Management And R&D Consulting In Brisbane, Sydney And Melbourne

    Swanson Reed-Specialist R&D Tax Advisors have offices across Australia to serve businesses and organizations seeking the R&D tax incentive. For over 30 years we have been specialising exclusively in R&D. The services we offer through R&D consulting in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne include everything from eligibility assessment to claim preparation to training and development to assurance and advisory. We can help you build the best possible claim while also refining your documentation processes to ensure that your future claims are accurate and compliant.

    Strategy-Driven R&D Consulting In Melbourne, Sydney And Brisbane

    Swanson Reed’s R&D consulting in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offer a full service assurance and advisory review. This service is particularly useful to self-claimants who want to refine their claim and ensure that it is compliant with ATO safe harbor penalty provisions. Our efficient, strategy-driven consultants are here to manage every aspect of the R&D claim process. Just how exactly can we help?

    Our services are quite literally too long to list, but they begin with assisting you with the assessment and technical review of your projects, with the analysation of your R&D eligibility and in-depth research of your R&D documentation. We also handle more nuanced aspects of the claim process, from review of your possible eligibility to be included in the R&D Tax Schedule and Applications to preparing opinion letters stating and defending your eligibility to advising you on AusIndustry practices and ATO appraisals.

    Risk Management R&D Consulting In Sydney, Brisbane And Melbourne

    These are but a fraction of the services we provide through our R&D consulting in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Swanson Reed also offers assurance and advisory services, risk management, documentation management consulting, training and development programs and even audit defences.

    We are a high-energy, efficient and enthusiastic team of specialised R&D consultants. We care about risk, longevity and value. We pride ourselves on being one of the most, if not the most, conservative specialised R&D firm in Australia. We would never put you in risk or jeopardise your claim. We are here to do just the opposite of that. Our certification in the ISO31000:2009 Risk Management Standard is a testament to our level of scrutiny and resolve, as is our practice of reviewing our risk management processes and policies every year.

    We are also proponents of long-term thinking, and with more than 30 years of experience, we practice what we speak. We want to represent you and help you plan for years and decades to come. We are not a one-and-done organisation. We are extremely successful in winning claims for our clients, and our results speak for themselves. Our final resolution is our commitment to offering affordable world-class services.

    Our R&D consulting in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne is the most competitive in the market. Combine this with our efficiency, our decades of innovative strategy and planning, and our seasoned R&D consultants are we are the most competent and affordable R&D firm in Australia. To begin a partnership with one of our consulting teams today, contact Swanson Reed-Specialist R&D Tax Advisors at 1800 792 676.