$24 million cash boost for grains industry research and development

May 4th, 2018

The State Government has announced a $24 million cash boost for the grains industry research and development (R&D). This significant investment marks an important step in keeping the industry competitive against the rising threat of Black Sea Competition.

The $24 million funding contributes to the already $21 million invested into the WA grains research industry for the next four years.

This significant investment will give WA’s grain industry the necessary support to becoming more productive and remaining competitive in times of unprecedented international competition.  In addition, this commitment from the government to the grains research industry will help leverage co-investment from the Federal Government and other sources.

A new $11.5 million purpose-built Grains Research Facility in Northam has also been opened recently which provides a scientific hub for collaborative field research by public and private sectors. R&D work to be carried out at the facility includes the development of new grain varieties and cropping systems, improving soil fertility and crop nutrient availability, and management of pests, weeds and diseases in hope to enhance profitability for WA growers.

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