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Swanson Reed on TWISTA (This Week in Startups Australia) Podcast with Mark Pesce

June 25th, 2021

Swanson Reed has appeared on this week’s episode of the TWISTA (This Week in Startups Australia) Podcast with Mark Pesce. Topics covered include key documentation requirements for claimants of the R&D Tax Incentive and important planning measures leading up to 30 June. TWISTA is an Australian-focused podcast series seeking to help startups thrive, with interviews and advice from the leading founders, investors, and thinkers in Australia’s tech startup community. TWISTA is available through the Apple Podcasts platform.

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Process for Setting Up MyGovID and Authorisation for New AusIndustry R&D Tax Portal

June 14th, 2021

AusIndustry have changed their reporting processes whereby they are mandating the use of a new online form for FY21 onwards. As part of this, directors of companies using R&D tax advisors to register activities must set up a MyGovID account (or use an existing MyGovID) and link this MyGovID to their R&D-registering company, then link to their R&D tax advisor. Instructions for this process to link Swanson Reed to your company are as follows: Step One: Ensure that the R&D-registering company’s principal individual […]

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Observations from new online R&D Tax Incentive customer portal

June 4th, 2021

Over recent weeks AusIndustry launched their new, online R&D Tax Incentive customer portal which replaces the old PDF Smartform Lodgement system. AusIndustry are mandating that all FY21 R&D Applications are lodged via this new online system, which commences accepting lodgements from Monday 5 July, 2021. There are significant changes from the old system (both in the lodgement process and reporting declarations) and companies who are looking to lodge their FY21 applications soon after the end of the financial year should […]

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Neutral Tax Policies Might Provide More Supportive Environments for Innovation than R&D and Patent Tax Incentives

April 19th, 2021

R&D Tax Incentives, like we have in Australia, are intended to drive innovation, and thus productivity and value in the global economy. By reducing the tax costs of those investments, policymakers believe that companies have an added reason to take risks to perform innovation that they may not typically take. However, not every country has tax tools used to incentivize spending on R&D and develop patented innovations, and of those that do, not all are the same. A recent Tax […]

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