ATO and AusIndustry Joint Podcast on R&D Tax Incentive

March 1st, 2021

AusIndustry and the ATO have published a joint podcast on this week, featuring Brett Challans (ATO) and Kelly Wiggins (DISER).

The podcast discusses key R&D Tax Incentive issues relevant to each department, including:

  • Eligible entities;
  • The self-assessment process;
  • Categories of ineligible expenditure;
  • Records relevant to substantiating the R&D process through systematic progression of work i.e. from hypothesis to conclusions. E.g. emails, project plans, annual reports, lab notebooks and meeting minutes;
  • Records relevant to substantiating expenditure including invoices, contractors and employee activity reports;
  • Logistics of the registration and claiming process;
  • Common mistakes often cited by the programme regulators.

The podcast is available on The Government’s website.

Source: ATO

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