Satellite communications company, Myriota, first start up to sign agreement with Australian Space Agency

July 16th, 2019 communication satellite

Myriota, a satellite communications company working closely with the University of South Australia in 2015, has received funding’s of $15 million dollars with Boeing HorizonX Ventures.

Anthony Murfett said that “it demonstrates that businesses of all sizes can make a significant contribution to Australia’s space industry.”

The coaction of a startup and the Space Agency have shown the importance of a unique R&D and IP.

Murfett commented, “Myriota’s technological innovation is important not only to support the growth and transformation of our space industry but is inspiring to the wider Australian community and space entrepreneurs.”

Myriota’s plans have been outlined in the Statement of Strategic Intent, which includes hosting ten internships as well as encouraging more female involvement.

The Australian Space Agency has received a healthy budget of over $41 million over four years from the 2018 financial year.

$26 million was also granted in the federal budget to “coordinate domestic space activities for Australia.”

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