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Apple’s ambitious R&D spending continues to increase

April 18th, 2017

After spending the highest annual amount on research and development ever, apple shows no signs of slowing down in its R&D investment for 2017 despite a drop in the company’s overall revenue. In 2016, Apple spent $10.39 billion on R&D which was a significant increase, over $2 billion, from the previous year. This equates to 5% of its total net sales on research alone in 2016.               In early 2017, there was vast speculation regarding what projects the company would be investing in. […]

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3D Printing for Product Development

March 29th, 2017

3D printing may become a key player when it comes to future innovation and growth and is often eligible for the R&D tax credit. Designers often buy 3D printers in order to build a new product and bring their designs to life, effectively allowing product designers to become manufacturers. These special printers increase the flexibility of production, allowing customised, low-volume and limited series to be created. This ability to print short runs rather than needing a minimum order quantity will […]

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Australian transport centre receives $55 Million R&D funding

March 24th, 2017

iMove CRC, a national intelligent transport R&D centre, has received the green light by the Federal Government and will be funded a $55 million grant over a ten year period. The generous grant will support the company’s new innovative transport centre, which works to develop smarter solutions to resolving road congestion and public transport issues. Following the funding grant, iMove CRC can implement plans and begin to work with researchers and organisations to develop intelligent transport systems (ITS) and work […]

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How Does Australia Rank For Innovation?

March 22nd, 2017

Australia’s Rank for Innovation “Input” and “Output” Research indicates that Australia underperforms when it comes to commercialising its strong research base. A recent OECD paper found that Australia is behind in the technology race for what is termed “innovation output,” or exchanging knowledge and developing ideas to address a specific problem. Despite this, Australia performed very well in relation to “innovation input,” or originating new ideas, due in part to its world-class research institutions, ranking 8th out of 36 for […]

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Bryce Steele
Principal, Melbourne
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Principal, Sydney
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Principal, Brisbane
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Manager, Adelaide
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Principal, Perth
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Manager, Hobart
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