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New Research Reveals ‘Star Wars’ Soundtrack Helps Doctors Detect Bowel Cancer…

December 16th, 2015

The mere mention of Star Wars generally conjures remnants of John Williams’ infamous score. Even if you’re not among the film’s dedicated disciples, the iconic music is renowned worldwide. Indeed, seldom do film soundtracks leave such an ineffaceable mark on the world. Now, is that same soundtrack assisting doctors in detecting cancer? New research, written in a somewhat whimsical style and littered with references to the intergalactic saga, has found that the Star Wars score could influence doctors performance. The study, […]

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Is an Israel Landing Pad Enough?

December 15th, 2015

Israel, the country itself has been described as a perpetual start-up, while also being positioned as a critical research and development centre for the world’s leading technology companies. From Internet and mobile phone applications to medical devices and biotech, Israel’s industry has indeed invested heavily in new technology. Thus, what effect could a partnership with Israel have on Australia? There has been no short of news articles describing that Australia has purchased a one-way-ticket to the land of innovation, with […]

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Lessons from Berlin: What the Innovation Statement is Missing

December 14th, 2015

With street’s littered with graffiti to warehouses, beer gardens and an abundant supply of bratwurst and beer. There is no doubt about it; Berlin is the essence of being unintentionally hip. While Silicon Valley may be the start-up mecca of the world, Berlin has experienced rapid investment dollar increases resulting in a vibrant start-up scene and a burgeoning tech hub. Prompting the question, what could Australia learn from Germany? Berlin has become the epicentre of Germany’s start-up scene due to […]

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A Patent Box Grant: The Bang the ‘Idea’s Boom’ Needs

December 11th, 2015

The ‘ideas boom’, the blueprint to innovation, or just simply, the Innovation Statement – whichever way you prefer to coin Turnbull’s first economic report as government, there is no denying that ‘innovation’ has become a buzzword in the Australian vocabulary this week. The innovation statement, released on Monday, unveiled a $1.1 billion plan to foster innovation with 24 new measures across 11 different Government groups. Certainly, the plan is wide-ranging; however, it falls short on delivering a globally competitive commercialisation […]

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